Hi! I'm Haley. I would love to share a little about myself. 

Above all, I'm a wife and a mom. My little boy, Max, recently turned 1 and is extremely active! Ever since he learned to crawl, he's kept me on my toes!  We also have two fur babies, Maisy and Finn - Big dogs with big hearts.

I started taking karate lessons when I was eleven yrs. old, and little did I know, I would someday marry my instructor, Michael - aka Mr. Brooks. Michael now runs the karate studio here in town. He loves teaching children karate, and helping to instill life skills such as confidence, focus and respect. He is very passionate about his career. 

I enjoy binge-watching Netflix, taking hot baths and if you bring me a Triple Berry Julius, you'll be my new best friend! I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

 I've always loved preserving memories through photographs. After having my own son's newborn pictures taken, decided photography is something I'd also like to pursue professionally. My dear husband has been so supportive and with a little convincing, even let me convert a bedroom into a studio! Let me know if you need a photographer. I would be honored to capture the special moments in your life.