Evelyn | Utah County Newborn Photography

When Holly came into the studio, I immediately recognized her. Though a few years older than me, we used to ride the same bus in grade school. Small world! 

Though only a few days new, you could tell that little girl had her parents wrapped around her little finger. But honestly, who wouldn't be? Evelyn is the sweetest baby girl! 

Hannah | Downtown Provo | Utah Senior Portrait Photography

I was so happy when Hannah asked me to take her senior pictures! 

Before I moved, her family and I used to attend the same church. It was so fun reminiscing on my babysitting days...  It was even more fun hearing about all her dreams for the future! She has it all planned out: From attending Dixie college (which btw,  she's earned a full ride to! You go girl!), to serving a LDS mission, down to marrying her sweetheart and having twin girls. She is the cutest! See for yourself. 

At the end of her session, Hannah's mom bought me a muddy buddy ice-cream cone.🍦I will take an ice-cream tip any day!! 😋

Starry + Riley | Downtown Provo | Utah Engagement Photographer

Starry (What a cool name!) contacted me from Colorado. She was  flying in for the weekend to be with her cute fiancé, and wanted to get some engagement pictures done. Kudos to them for making the long distance thing work!

They also brought their dog a long for the session. 

I think one of my favorites is when she's wiping the lipstick off his cheek. Lol! 💋

Sadie | Thistle Ghost Town | Utah County Senior Portrait Photography

This beauty drove to meet me from Nephi! I wish I could looked like this when I was a senior in high school. Heck! I wish I could look this good now!

Sadie must think I'm such a dork! In the middle of her session, I went back to my car to grab a blanket and realized I didn't have my keys! We were probably searching the ground for a good 10 minutes. Fortunately I did find them. That could have been a whole lot worse if I lost them for good!

Anyway, back to Sadie. Look at her eyeliner. It's on point!

Isn't she so beautiful! Seriously! I can't get over it!.

So... Scary story. When I was driving back from this session my car started losing juice as I was pulling a hill. I was flooring the gas and I was probably going 8 mph. I'm so grateful I made it up. I was worried I was going to be stuck there with no cell service! 

Blair's Baptism Shoot | Provo City Center Temple | Utah County Photographer

A few years back, Little Miss Blair was in my 4 yr. old primary class, and now she's turning 8! Holy cow! Where does the time go?!

I'm so happy they chose me to take some baptism pictures in her pretty dress! And I was also excited to do a shoot at the Provo City Center Temple. It's such a magnificent building!

Let me just tell you now, Blair was such a trooper! Not only was it freezing cold, but she was also suffering from a toothache...  No one really knew how severe it was until the following day, she woke up with a swollen face and had to go to the dentist to get where they pulled the infected tooth. OUCH! Poor girl! 

I'm so proud of her for sticking it out and putting on a smile. She sure is a beauty!



Hull Family | Sandy Beach | Utah County Family Photography

When Shauna contacted me to do family pictures, I suggested Sandy Beach as the location. Little did I know she would show up in her brand new truck! Poor mom... after this shoot, not only will she have to go through a car wash, but she'll also have to clean the inside, after all the mud/sand was tracked back in. Whoops. We did get some gorgeous pictures though!

Sexy mom. Sexy truck. The entire time editing these, Tim McGraw's "Truck Yeah" was playing in my head. Ha ha. 

Zoey & Lily | Utah county child photographer

Zoey & Lily came into the studio today. They are such darling sisters. Zoey is such a well behaved 3 year old. What a trooper! And... Don't even get me started on Lily! Ahhh! Those chubby cheeks! It takes all the will power I possess to keep from pinching them. #chubbycheeksfordays


Alison | utah County Newborn photography

Meet Alison. 12 Day new. 

She was such a precious little baby girl. Beautiful just like her mama. No seriously. She is her mom's mini-me! She was even wearing matching nail polish. I about died when I saw those itty bitty red nails.  So adorable! She was a good girl, as long as you didn't try to put her on the bean bag... Ha ha. She also only pooped on us 3 times 💩. *Gasp* Jk. It just comes with the territory. Although, I am surprised she was holding that much inside. 

Despite the poop and the many failed bean bag attempts, I think we managed to get some beautiful images. 


Mom's shots turned out so great! I showed them to my grandma, who stated not once but twice! "That mom looks like a model." So ya. I just had to include them all. 

Mom brought her wedding dress along to the session. What a unique idea!

- "Something old. Something new. Something borrowed. Something blue."

Thank you Alexandria and Jonathan, for bringing me such a beautiful model for me to work with. Thank you also for being so patient with me. You have a gorgeous baby girl!